Who We Are

The first case company for electronic musicians.

Analog Cases is the first case company to focus 100% on electronic music devices. We make cases for devices of all sizes, from modern micro synths to vintage drum machines, and everything in between.

We couldn't find cases that worked for our gear and our lifestyle, so we created our own.

Most of the musicians we know don't have roadies carrying their gear.....and most of them don't make millions of dollars. So we believe that a synth case shouldn't weigh more than your actual synth, and that you shouldn't have to headline Coachella to afford it.

Seems like a no-brainer, right? But for years, most synth cases didn't fit the bill. They were too heavy, too expensive, and were never a perfect fit for our devices. So we set out to change that by creating something entirely new. 

Amazing cases for electronic musicians of any budget.

Analog Cases are designed for mobile electronic musicians, producers, and beatmakers. From the materials to the visual style, our focus is on creating innovative cases you'll love, at a reasonable price point.

Our signature vintage-styled UNISON cases are built from aluminum framing and laminated wood panels, and are only ⅓ the weight of traditional road cases. Our PULSE keyboard cases are made of EVA, a molded polymer used for premium consumer electronics cases. 

Analog is in our DNA.

The name Analog Cases reflects our design philosophy: that cases should be simple, cool, and stylish. For us, analog is more than just a type of sound - it's a way of life. Analog means timeless, creative, and beautiful. That’s what motivates us to create music, and it’s what motivates us to create cases.

We believe that so much amazing creativity and inspiration can happen when you take your machines out into the world - and that’s where Analog Cases come in.