PULSE Case For The Audient iD14

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Audient’s premium audio interfaces require a high quality case for protection, and here at Analog Cases, we have designed a travel solution for all your needs. 


    The Audient iD14 has a solid metal exterior that could get scratched or scuffed if you’re not careful. Our PULSE case features an extra-soft black velvet interior to caress the metal body of the iD14. Now you can take this audio interface into the wild, while having peace of mind that you won’t damage the delicate switches or scroll wheel.

    The PULSE case for the Audient iD14 has enough space to store the power adapter, while being a snug fit so the interface remains securely in place during travel. We’ve also included an interior pocket for storing any additional audio cables. Take the power of your studio with you on the go!

    • Perfect fit for your Audient iD14

    • Durable and lightweight

    • High quality Analog Cases logo zipper puller

    • Interior dimensions 9.3 x 4.6 x 2.5 inches