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GLIDE Case For The Zoom F3

  • Perfect fit for the Zoom F3
  • Rigid molded case that provides excellent protection
  • Super-soft velvet interior
  • Compact and lightweight


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Introducing our most compact case to date. The GLIDE Case For The Zoom F3! The super compact glide case features a soft, velvet interior that will protect the screen and inputs of your F3. This compact GLIDE Case is the perfect size to protect your Zoom F3 while keeping your footprint small during transport.

​​The GLIDE case for the Zoom F3 is custom molded to fit your field recorder perfectly without taking away from its portability. The case is made from the durable EVA material designed to protect your interface when you throw it in your backpack or carry it to and from your session.

The interior of the GLIDE case features a soft, velvet-lined interior that will protect the sleek exterior of the F3 while keeping the screen and inputs safe from knocks and debris. Become as portable as you need to be while knowing your Zoom F3 will be looking good as new!

• Custom designed for the Roland AIRA
• Durable EVA exterior
• High-quality velvet interior
• Interior dimensions: (3.43 x 3.03 x 1.97) inches
• Exterior dimensions: (4.33 x 3.94 x 2.36) inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hondo Louis

Perfect fit - absolutely perfect! You get a sticker too.

Mark Sorvari

I've seen a few other F3 cases on sale on Amazon, but Analog Cases is the brand I trust with my gear. I have several of their cases for a lot of the other gear I travel with like my audio interface and mics. Their cases are always well made, with good materials and reliable zippers that won't break on you, and this F3 case is no exception. It's a very simple design, but works great for my needs.