GLIDE Case For The Mackie ProFX6v3

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With the right protection for your gear, there’s no need to limit your mix to one space or one room. Our GLIDE case for the Mackie ProFX6v3 will protect your mixer when you’re on the move. The GLIDE case has a durable exterior with a compact and lightweight design. You’ll be able to transport your ProFX6v3 with ease, allowing you to become even more creative.


The GLIDE case is custom molded to the exact dimensions of the Mackie ProFXv6 for a perfect fit. This case is made from a thick and durable EVA material which is often used to make helmets and surfboards. Whether it’s in the back seat of your car or sitting in your luggage, the ProFX6v3 will travel safely in our GLIDE case.

The top of the case features a mesh pocket to hold any extra XLRs or mix notes you might have. The interior is lined with a high quality black velvet to help protect the sleek metal exterior of the ProFX6v3. Your mixer will remain safe and in great condition inside the GLIDE case.

  • Custom molded for the Mackie ProFX6v3

  • Made from lightweight and durable EVA material

  • Internal storage pocket for cables

  • Durable EVA exterior

  • Interior: (8.46 x 8.27 x 2.76) inches

  • Exterior: (9.45 x 9.25 x 3.15) inches