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UNISON Custom Edition Cases (2 Sizes Available)

  • Customize your UNISON case to your unique needs
  • Pick & pluck foam can be shaped to perfectly fit your gear
  • Lightweight and durable hard case
  • Available in two sizes: Compact and XL


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Looking for a specific size case? We offer 2 different sizes of UNISON Custom Edition cases, so you can customize your case to your unique needs. 

The UNISON Custom Edition cases ship with two pieces of customizable pick-and-pluck foam that are perforated in one-inch segments so you can create a precise storage space for your gear. The dual layers of foam lets you get creative with creating additional storage spaces for cables and accessories, while also making it easy to store instruments of different heights.

Our UNISON Custom Edition models are listed with their internal measurements by Length x Width x Height (in inches).

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, send us a message at