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UNISON Case For The Sequential Prophet-5 or Prophet-10 Desktop

  • Custom-fitted hard case for the Prophet-5 or 10 Desktop
  • Crafted from lightweight and durable aluminum
  • Only 1/3 the weight of traditional road cases
  • Die-cut foam interior with cable storage space



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This item is available for pre-order and is expected to ship in mid-January.

Make protecting this powerful synth a priority with our UNISON case for the Sequential Prophet-5 or 10 Desktop! This UNISON case has been designed to make transporting the Prophet-5 or 10 Desktop a breeze. This is a lightweight hard case with a custom-molded interior designed to protect this elegant instrument when you're on the move.

On the inside, the UNISON case is custom molded to the exact dimensions of the Sequential Prophet-5 or 10 Desktop module. This exact fit prevents your synth from moving around during transport. The lid is filled with an egg carton-style foam that closes down to protect the synth’s control surface, leaving your instrument out of harm’s way.

The case’s hard exterior features black-on-black aluminum siding, secure locking latches, and a spacious handle that makes carrying the Prophet-5 as easy as possible. With protection and portability in mind, you’ll find this lightweight case with a custom-molded interior the perfect solution for your Sequential synthesizer.

• Custom die-cut foam to meet the dimensions for the Sequential Prophet-5 or 10 Desktop
• Durable and lightweight exterior
• Metal latches; can optionally be locked for extra security (2 keys included)
• Comfortable, ergonomic handle
• Exterior Dimensions: 23.62 x 13.78 x 5.12 Inches
• Interior Dimensions: 20.94 x 7.28 x 4.02 Inches