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Posted by Jose Soberanes on

In anticipation of our upcoming documentary, "HOMECOMING," N8NOFACE joins us for his very own ANALOG FEELS playlist.

N8NOFACE is a synth punk, minimal wave artist from Tucson, AZ. Known as "the king of all rocker foos," N8 consistently pushes the boundaries of hip-hop & punk music. About this playlist he says, "This playlist really represents my head space and vibe or mood at the moment. It's always hard to create a playlist that sums all of what I love up, because i love it all. As a true music lover, it's constantly changing. I can never answer the age old question of, "what's your top 5 or 10 whatever?" Live or die, just kill me. I can't ever answer it. Yet, there's definitely a constant theme in my rotation. It'll go from post punk, minimal wave to gangster rap to outlaw country or anything with a good simple melody.  The first song on the list is Nilüfer Yanya. This song has such a pretty melody, but the lyrics have a tough and criminal element to them. That's something I always gravitate to. Especially, if there is a pretty melody there. Thank you so much Analog Cases. Enjoy!"

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