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GLIDE Case For The Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field or OP-1

  • Perfect fit for the OP1
  • Rigid molded case that provides excellent protection
  • Super-soft velvet interior and spacious pocket for cables
  • Compact and lightweight


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Redesigned for 2023, our classic OP-1 case is now the perfect travel solution for either the OP-1 Field or the original OP-1!

Protect your investment and keep your OP-1 in mint condition with our lightweight and durable GLIDE case - the first and only case that's custom-molded to the exact dimensions of this amazing machine.

      Now you can enjoy peace of mind when packing up your OP-1. This molded case features a water-resistant faux leather exterior material, plus a layer of rigid molded foam that surrounds your OP-1, providing excellent protection.

      The subtle diamond pattern on the exterior surface makes this case smooth and sleek, and there’s even a mesh compartment for holding cables or other miscellaneous items. The compact form factor makes it easy to put the case inside your backpack or suitcase.

      • Perfect fit for your Teenage Engineering OP-1
      • Premium faux leather exterior and faux fur lining
      • Mesh compartment for holding cables
      • Exterior dimensions 12 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches
      • Interior dimensions 11.5 x 4.4 x 1.3 inches

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Daniel RM

      Demasiado cara para lo que es

      John D
      Perfectly fits OP-1 Field with decksaver

      I was a bit nervous the OP-1 Field with a DeckSaver would not fit. No worries! I received it today, and it easily accommodates the OP-1f and DeckSaver, along with some accessories.Like another reviewer, I found it works best if I spin it 180° so the encoders are nearest me and the keyboard is at the hinge, so the DeckSaver's "bump" helps keep things in the case's mesh pocket. Also, I push the cable's coils down when I zip the case closed so they're below the encoder bumps in the DeckSaver. This lets the case close easily and the lid lie flat rather than overstuff and straining the zip.In the case I have the OP-1 Field with DeckSaver, plus a set of in-ear monitors (not in their own case), a nice long USB-C to USB-C cable (for power, and hooking to computer), and a small USB-C to USB-B adaptor. With the cable and adaptor, I can use my Roland A-49 and others as MIDI controllers.

      Compact and lightweight

      A nice sturdy semi-hard case that fits the OP-1 very well, with a small pocket for accessories. The interior is a very soft almost fur-like fabric. Keeps the OP-1 very secure when I'm no the go. I'd totally purchase again.