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Posted by Jose Soberanes on

ANALOG FEELS #3 has been curated by Analog Cases Director of Operations, Jelani Yorker. Jelani has been producing and performing his take on electronic grooves for the past 10 years using a wide selection of analog equipment. This playlist starts with a driving techno remix of one of Jelani's records that takes you directly to the warehouse parties that he frequents. The track selection features records from local Los Angeles producers like Annika Wolfe and Force Placement, but it also includes records from international dance music heavyweights like Orlando Voorn and Ambivalent. 

Jelani says: “I wanted to share with the world the type of records that get me excited and make me want to get in the studio. There’s records from legends K-Hand and Paul Johnson who have both recently passed as a tribute. I also included an AceMoMa record, which is a duo from New York inspiring the modern black techno community. Each artist included has an incredible discography that can be great inspirations for creativity of your own.”


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