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Introducing THE PROGRAM

Posted by Jose Soberanes on
Introducing THE PROGRAM

Since the inception of Analog Cases, our priority been providing affordable, user-friendly and amazing quality cases to everyone who’s interested in audio. Though nothing has changed there, we aim to grow and deepen our connections to the creative community we are so passionate about. To connect beyond our products, we’re launching our blog, THE PROGRAM -- a space for music and culture, keeping you in tune with what we're doing here at Analog Cases.

One of our favorite new artists this year has been Lealani (@veggieburgerr)--pop star, extraterrestrial and creator of the album Fantastic Planet - and we're thrilled to announce that she's joining the Analog Cases team as our new YouTube host. In collaboration with her, we will post new content like music challenges, vegan food reviews, and major jam sessions with other artists on a regular basis. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Lealani in an upcoming blog post here on The Program!

We're also excited about collaborating with fellow LA artist N8NoFace (@N8NoFace) this summer, following him on the road as he performs in LA, San Francisco, Tijuana and Tucson. Our collaboration with N8 will culminate with the release of Analog Cases' first documentary in the winter of 2021. When we asked our creative producer, Jose, what the documentary process has looked like so far, he said:
“Working with N8 and his partner Valerie is so nice, it feels like I'm working with family, as we've lived similar experiences. It's kind of like hanging out with the homies and making a movie - N8 is very transparent online, but there's still so much more to him that we want to show in this film. I want people to see what it’s like to be an up and coming independent artist, first hand, and the real life stuff that goes along with that experience.”

While the wait for the documentary might seem long, don't worry - we'll have biweekly content created for you to enjoy in the meantime. You can expect playlists created by our team members, articles introducing the best eats to sample on tour, reviews on new instruments, and interviews with the artists we love.  Make sure to check out our first Analog Feels playlist and our Analog Supplies sample pack!

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