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Posted by Jose Soberanes on

ANALOG FEELS #5 has been curated by Daniel Troberg, who does selected Business Development for Analog Cases. Daniel's musical interest came from way back in 1983 when he got his first computer and the journey with electronic sounds began. He has been producing, recording, and performing music for a long time and relocated from Scandinavia to the US in 2013, now residing in Los Angeles, CA. He has been heavily involved with musical instrument manufacturers as well, starting with Elektron back in 1999 and today working with Ashun Sound Machines. This playlist starts off with The Bug’s brutal doom-ragga-step and stops here and there for some breathers. Perc’s ‘Snare” is another one of those ear piercing moments when you realize this might not have been the playlist for the office. The end track is a beautiful composition by Suzanne Ciani, one of the absolute master operators of the Buchla modular system.

Daniel says: “This playlist contains stuff I really like, some of it’s subtle and beautiful, other things are harsh and brutal. Usually there is a groove, but sometimes it stands still. Funnily, I have interacted with almost all of these artists and acts throughout the years. I’m always interested in range, it creates the dynamic that makes music become more interesting. I have been involved in electronic music for quite some time and it’s really funny to see how things circle back and become popular again. This is just a glimpse of what I personally listen to and I hope you find stuff that you have never heard before."

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