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Posted by Jose Soberanes on

ANALOG FEELS #6 has been curated by the alien from Fantastic Planet, Lealani! Lealani is an artist who creates music, animations, and other multiple mediums of art. This playlist includes some of Lealani’s greatest influences, as she remarks the LA Beat Scene and the Low End Theory community to be one of the greatest impacts on her music career. The mix ties in experimental genres ranging from underground hip hop, electronic, and rock; along with many more artists that use interesting sounds in their music-making process.

Lealani says: “Everyone on this playlist are very important artists to me, and I feel that they make up who I am as an artist today. These people make me dance, cry, and push me to be creative. I don’t think any of them even fall under a specific genre, because they’re all REAL artists. Each of them are unique in their own way, and they don’t limit themselves or try to copy anyone. They are truly genuine, raw, and dangerous artists. I look up to all of them, and I’m thankful that they exist on this planet!”

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