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GLIDE Case For The Polyend Tracker or Play

  • Perfect fit for the Polyend Tracker or Play
  • Rigid molded case that provides excellent protection
  • Super-soft velvet interior and spacious pocket for cables
  • Compact and lightweight


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The ability to change your creative landscape is important to finding inspiration. Our durable GLIDE case for the Polyend Tracker / Play will allow you to transport and protect your device as you take your creativity with you! The high quality black velvet interior will protect the screen and exterior of your Tracker as you move and change your creative space.

The GLIDE case is made from a durable EVA material and is custom molded to fit the exact dimensions of your Polyend Tracker. This case has been designed to withstand some tough conditions and will protect your Polyend Tracker from any unintentional drops or spills. You’ll feel confident as you safely transport your device without it shifting or moving around inside when you’re on the move.

The interior of the case is lined with a high quality velvet material which will protect the screen and sleek interior from scratches. We have also included an interior mesh pocket for storing any additional cables. You’ll feel confident to broaden your musical horizons as you safely transport your Polyend Tracker in our GLIDE case!

• Custom designed for the Polyend Tracker
• Durable EVA exterior
• High-quality velvet interior
• Mesh compartment for holding cables
• Interior dimensions: (12.4 x 8.07 x 1.57) inches
• Exterior dimensions: (13.39 x 9.25 x 1.97) inches

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GLIDE Case For The Polyend Tracker

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