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PULSE Case For The Shure SM7B or MV7

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You can now carry your mic with style thanks to our PULSE Case for the Shure SM7B! We've created the ideal case for the world's most popular microphone so that you can record vocals at any location, whether it's in a studio or in the woods. The PULSE Case for the Shure SM7B has a die-cut foam insert that's customized to the exact dimensions of the SM7B (or original SM7), while also providing additional storage capacity for your cables and accessories. This case is also a great fit for the new Shure MV7 as well.

    The PULSE Case has a molded plastic handle so you can easily carry the Shure microphone when you’re on the go. The case has been molded from durable and stiff EVA material, the same material used to make sports helmets. The case will protect your mic from drops, spills, and pressure from other items in your bag.

    With our PULSE Case, you will never have to worry about how you’re going to travel with your mic to a project. You only need to throw it in the case and get ready to record wherever you are. Our case even includes enough space to bring your SM7B’s customized windscreen.

    • Perfect fit for your Shure SM7B with the mic stand connector attached
    • Space for the mic pop filter
    • Made of durable and lightweight EVA material
    • Molded plastic carrying handle
    • Exterior - (10.25 x 7.5 x 4.25) Inches