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UNISON Case for Pedaltrain Classic 2 / Classic 1 / Temple DUO 24

  • Ultra-lightweight hard case for 24" pedalboards
  • Customized for Pedaltrain Classic 2 / 1 & Temple DUO 24
  • Only 1/3 the weight of standard flight cases
  • Die-cut foam interior keeps your board safe & secure



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Pre-order. Ships on 03/07/24

The perfect case for your Pedaltrain Classic 2, Classic 1, or Temple Audio DUO 24: an ideal travel solution for mobile producers and musicians.

Expertly designed for a precise fit, this compact hard case is crafted with ultra-lightweight aluminum materials for the ultimate in mobility.

We've re-invented cases for a new generation of modern producers. Unlike the old DJ coffin cases and road cases, the UNISON case comes equipped with a comfortable padded handle, and is only 1/3 the weight of other available hard cases.

Inside the case, your pedalboard is surrounded with a dense foam insert that is molded to the exact dimensions of the gear, ensuring it will remain safe and secure during travel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Robert D Nelson
Fits board and is lightweight

The board fits in snugly - and the overall case is light. It's also cheaper than the official Temple Audio offering, so this seems like a good deal


It's massive but sturdy as hell. Perfect for moving around

Sean Campbell
Solid case

Getting the job done through rigorous touring. Prompt customer service and good product.

Tylor Harrika
Light AND Durable?!!

A lot of hard cases out there are bulky and weigh a ton. While that can sometimes bring peace of mind for the safety of their contents, they make for a huge pain in transport. Not to mention, the average pedalboard itself adds quite a lot of weight. While some padded bags work fine enough, you end up compromising protection for portability. So that's what sells me on this Unison case. It hits right at the intersection of size, weight, and protection to make packing efficient and carrying manageable. I also love the general design features, like the comfortable shape of the handle and the supple quality of the inner foam. The exterior color and finish are real sleek in person, too. I'd feel confident taking this thing on any gig. Just the joy of use has me looking for reasons to carry it around at home. Check em out

Worth the Cost 100%

You might already have a case for your board, but maybe you should consider going the extra mile with this one. For something that is already heavy by itself, and that I take many places on a regular basis (a pedalboard, that is), it's so worthwhile investing in something lightweight and durable to carry it around in. Any opportunity for replacing hassle (however minor) with joy is WORTH the investment. Really keeps the spirit hyped. I don't think you'll be at all sorry for buying this case. The foam is high quality, the dimensions are just the right amount of snug, the handle is comfortable, and the whole thing is EASY to transport. Weighs nothing by comparison. I love it.