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UNISON Case For The Line 6 Helix

  • Custom-fitted hard case for the Line 6 Helix
  • Crafted from lightweight and durable aluminum
  • Only 1/3 the weight of traditional road cases
  • Die-cut foam interior with cable storage space


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The perfect solution to protecting your Helix and transporting it with ease! The UNISON Case for the Line 6 Helix / Helix LT has been designed to keep the brains of your guitar operation secure. The UNISON Case is a lightweight, durable hard case with an interior custom molded to the Helix's exact dimensions, keeping it secure and in place when you're on the move!

The UNISON case for the Line 6 Helix / Helix LT is designed for portability and protection! The UNISON Case is tough enough to keep your multi-effects processor safe on the go so you can feel confident from the studio to the stage. The two locking metal latches will keep your Helix safe when you're not around, protecting your investment and giving you peace of mind.

The UNISON Case for The Line 6 Helix is a lightweight hard case designed to protect your Helix and keep the weight down when you're on the move. Weighing just 11.2lb, the UNISON Case is the perfect fit for carrying the Helix and making transport easy.

The interior foam is die-cut to the exact dimensions of the Line 6 Helix / Helix LT, protecting your Helix from any unexpected knocks or movement when you're on the go. Two side cutouts make getting your Helix in and out of its case a breeze. There's also an additional foam cutout where you can store your picks, capos, tuners, and cables!

When the lid is closed, the LCD screen, knobs and footswitches are protected by the egg carton foam, protecting against scratches, scuffs or dust build-up. The UNISON case boasts black aluminum framing, corners, and metal latches on the outside. With a molded rubber handle, you'll be able to transport your multi-effects processor and unlock its true portability safely!

• Custom die-cut foam to meet the dimensions for the Line 6 Helix / Helix LT
• Durable and lightweight exterior
• Metal latches; can be locked for extra security
• Comfortable, ergonomic handle
• Exterior Dimensions: 29.50 x 17.75 x 10 Inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Chandler Grace

Absolutely stellar case. It is super lightweight and fits my Helix like a glove. I use a BOSS WD-60 for my wireless and the foam cutout is perfect to hold that pedal and the patch cable. The overall case is slender and compact so it does not add a ton of additional space in the car when loading up gear. I will definitely be purchasing more cases for our other bande mates’ pedal boards.

Same price as the Line 6 Helix Backpack - easy decision

I kept looking for options because I couldn't bear paying $199.00 for a soft case with zippers to protect my $1,000.00 pedal. This is the way to go for that money. Highly recommended.

Peter Worsham
Exactly what I was after!

The case fits the HELIX LT perfectly! It's a great way to protect a critical piece of gear when traveling to and from gigs, and the process of loading in/out at the venues we play. It seems to be very solid. I expect to be using it to protect the HELIX LT for years.

Awesome case

I'd give this case 10 stars if I could.... really good value & quality for the money.....I wasn't expecting it to be this nice, but I was pleasantly surprised.... highly recommend

Michael Rusk

UNISON Case For The Line 6 Helix